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Frequently asked questions, FAQ

What would I do if I receive wrong item in my delivery?

Contact customer support via e-mail, We will then send you the right products to you and compensate you for your expenses in connection with the return of the defective goods.


What if the goods I ordered never arrived?

Your goods will normally be delivered to you within 7 working days unless otherwise is specified. If you for some reason do not receive the goods within 7 working days, please contact us via email at You'll get practical information on what has happened with your order.


What if the product I received is damaged?

If an item is damaged in shipment, you need to contact us immediately. You will probably get a new condition that you return the old one. Of course Pokershopping pays return shipping. Please remember, always save the packing slip and receipt.


What do I do if I accidentally ordered the wrong product and have already confirmed my purchase?

If you happen to make a purchase that contain errors, please contact the customer support via or our contact form immediately.


How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time to United Kingdom is usually 3-7 working days.


Is there any age limit?

You must be 18 years or older to order from us. If you are younger, ask a parent to make the order for you.


Unclaimed goods

You are normally 2 weeks to pick up your package. Post Package has not dissolved charged with shipping cost plus an administration fee of £10.


Can I order by fax, mail or phone?

We can only accept orders from our website. We hope you have patience with this.


Can I add an order?

Unfortunately, an order which has been placed is not possible to change. If you want to order more products, a separate order must be added.


What is the price of shipping and handling cost?

All products are shipped from Sweden. Shipping rates as follows;

Shipping cost is always £10 regardless of weight


All shipment which exceed £130 are shipped for free!


How do I contact customer service?

Contact customer service directly by email at


How do you do if some products are backordered?

It is not possible to place an order which is out of stock or backordered.


What if I after a year find that it's faulty goods?

According to Swedish law, you have three years to complain about "initial defects" in a product. An initial error can be a manufacturing defect or any other errors that the product before you got it, that the fault existed at the time of purchase and is not due to accidents or errors that you caused. Initial failure may prove quite a long time after purchase. To get a guarantee of a shorter duration does not mean that the time for complaints reduced. The difference is that when the warranty expired, it is you who must prove that the fault was there from the beginning.


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